Dear Friends, 

Early last year in Ottawa, we launched the most exhaustive and inclusive policy development process in the history of this Party; perhaps in Canadian history. 

Our Party’s Policy Advisory Councils led by your Ontario PC Caucus and leading experts fanned out across the province to engage Ontarians on the biggest issues of our times. They received a record number of ideas from across our great Province, many of which will now be given consideration by you, our Party membership.

Ours is a party built upon the sweat of ordinary Ontarians, toiling tirelessly toward a better future free of the corruption and mismanagement of perpetual Liberal regimes.  

Change is coming.  

Your leadership in this policy process will form the basis for our principled vision, our better alternative. Thank you for rallying around real solutions that will unleash our economy and deliver meaningful results for Ontario taxpayers.  

This Fall, we move into the next phase of this policy process. Every Party member is invited to vote on the policy resolutions that will become the bedrock for the platform we take to Ontarians in the next election. The ballot will include the largest number of policy resolutions ever taken to our Party membership. 

Come and join me, our PC Caucus, our 2018 PC election Candidates and their full campaign teams in Toronto on November 25th for our 2017 Ontario PC Election Readiness & Policy Convention.

We will gather to prepare for the exciting election to come - with the best ideas, and with the most prepared ground organization the province has ever known. I encourage all Ontario PC campaign teams, new and longstanding Party volunteers, and the grassroots champions of our best ideas to participate in this important convention and in the policy process to come. 

I welcome your full participation in shaping the ideas we stand for and in the organization we build together. For Ontario. And for the future Ontarians deserve.

I look forward to seeing you in Toronto, 

Patrick Brown
Leader – Ontario PC Party

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